life got dark

of all the timelines, this is clearly the darkest

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What if I only drank pumpkin coffee and pumpkin beer from now until Christmas?

What fucking if tho

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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to ask if you have any thoughts on what I should put down for my salary requirement for a part time project coordinator job at a networking/cabling firm. I will be be interviewing for the job and they want my requirements before the interview. I could not find an answer searching online and you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge in this area.




Oh bb, I wish, but that is outside of my industry and experience. I haven’t had a part-time job since high school, and that was in a coffee shop.

If you can, I would simply say “salary requirements: negotiable”. That at least gives you time to do more research. Have a look at full time project coordinator/manager positions, and work out what portion of that you’d make at 20 hours/week, 30 hours/week, etc. Or tell them that you’re more comfortable discussing that once you know what their salary window is ($20K-$50K, $7K-$20K, whatever). If you know their lower and upper limits you can place yourself inside them based on experience.

Sorry, salary requirements really aren’t my area of expertise. They’re far too variable based on industry and region.

It’s in mine!

1- go to the BLS national salary survey
2 - find your job title, you’ll find your NATIONAL average salary
3- go to the consumer price index calculator
4- figure out if your region is at, above or below national prices. here’s how: divide your region’s CPI by national CPI
5- multiply the number from (4) by the number from (3). If you took an hourly figure, that’s how much you should get per hour.
6- if (3) was an annual salary, then divide the number you get out of (5) by 2,000 to get an hourly rate (40 hours per week, 50 weeks a year ==> 2,000 hours).
You get the average salary figure your job should get in your region. These figures are based on both employee AND employer surveys, so the data is reasonably accurate for things based on human reporting.

Ask if you’ve got questions!

HEY ANON or really HEY EVERYONE. Well, everyone wanting to get a salary estimate in the US. LOOK AT THIS! *vanna wave*

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Ugh Ken Burns

You gotta space out these miniseries episodes

Two hours last night, two hours tonight, two hours forever jfc